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Why does my company need an occupational medicine specialist?

Virtually every company or organization with employees should consider their workers’ health and wellbeing, especially if their workplace has the potential to be hazardous. An occupational medicine specialist helps companies comply with regulations and maintain a safe work environment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that certain evaluations must be done on a regular basis for employees in many industries. For instance, all employees who regularly wear respirator masks need medical evaluations. You may also want to provide physical examinations for your employees, such as pre-employment or light-duty clearance exams. Drug testing is another service that falls under the occupational medicine umbrella. Partners In Safety offers the above occupational medicine services with exceptional service, solid experience and competitive prices.

Larger companies also offer the services you provide. Why should I choose Partners In Safety?

There are indeed larger health care organizations and companies that offer the services provided by Partners In Safety. These companies are set-up to work with large employers who conduct large numbers of drug testing. Unless an employer does volume testing and has a person in-house who administers the program, it can be difficult to work with a national organization. At Partners In Safety, we offer flexibility and highly specialized services, and administer any programs for any size company – large or small – taking special notice to details. Our credentials in these specialized areas are impeccable.

We have four convenient locations in the New York City and Hudson Valley region, and we offer on-site services, 24-hour accessibility, and an unparalleled responsiveness to our clients’ unique needs.

OSHA regulations are complex.
How do I know my company is in compliance?

That’s where Partners In Safety comes in. Our staff has the highest qualifications for evaluating and developing OSHA compliance programs. Our Medical Director is a board certified Physician and is a member of ACOEM (American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine). It is our job to keep your company in compliance with OSHA regulations and we take this job very seriously.

Why should I consider employee drug testing?
I don’t employ any drivers?

More and more companies and organizations are choosing to test for substance abuse and develop programs for a drug-free work environment. Schools, government, industry, and transportation companies have utilized drug testing to improve safety, efficiency and the cultural climate. A drug-testing program will save you money and protect your company’s reputation. There are real and hidden costs to business caused by drug and alcohol abuse; avoiding those costs by implementing a confidential and comprehensive turnkey program can improve your company’s safety record, culture and bottom line.

For more information on our occupational medicine services and how they can benefit your company, call today to speak to a Partners In Safety team member.

We’ve been sending our firemen to their own physicians for periodic exams. Why should we consider Partners In Safety for firefighter exams?

As you know, firefighters are often exposed to potentially harmful substances, and their wellbeing is critical to their success. Partners In Safety provides highly specialized exams and screenings for those exposed to potential hazards. Services include physicals, OSHA respirator clearance, fit testing, PFT – Pulmonary Function Testing (Spirometry), Audiometry, and Drug Testing. Partners In Safety offers a convenient way to make sure physicals are up-to-date, and gives you control over each individual’s health status.

What type of clients need your services?

As a leader in the field of occupational medicine, we assist a wide variety of companies: fire-police departments, emergency medical services (EMS), schools, businesses, government, hospitals, transportation (truck and bus drivers) and more.