Annual Drug Testing Report Finds Increase in Illicit Drug Test Positivity Rate

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Key findings from the Drug Testing Index (DTI), an annual report on trends in drug use among U.S. workers, have recently been released to the public. As part of its key insights, the DTI noted the following:

  • Illicit drug use has increased since last year. Illicit drugs include substances like marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. This is the second consecutive year the United States has experienced an increase in this type of drug use among workers.
  • Positivity for marijuana increased at similar rates in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use – such as Colorado and Washington – as in states that have not.
  • In general, the rate of cocaine positivity has increased in the U.S. workforce. The previous year’s DTI also saw an increase in cocaine use. These consecutive years of increased rates contrast with an extended period prior in which cocaine positivity was in decline.
  • Amphetamines, especially methamphetamine, also saw an increase in positivity rates. This is consistent with findings from the past several years.
  • Positivity rates increased for a marker for heroin called 6-acetylmorphine, also referred to as 6-AM. Between 2011 and 2014, positivity rates for this drug have doubled.

Drug testing programs are offered as an aid to U.S. employers that aim to strengthen workplace safety and productivity, and encourage a healthy work environment. Raising awareness of the prevalence and trends in drug use allow well-informed decisions to be made by government agencies, politicians, employers and workers.

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