A License to Drive: Obtaining a DOT Physical

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Anyone seeking an unrestricted Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) must first pass a Department of Transportation physical.

These physicals, which must be conducted by a medical examiner certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, ensure that potential drivers are healthy enough to drive, thereby preventing dangerous accidents resulting from unaddressed health issues. The examinations are typically good for 24 months, unless the examiner detects certain conditions, such as high blood pressure in a particular driver.

Although the need for physicals is clear, navigating the federal requirements governing them can be less than transparent and may impede both individuals and organizations from getting on the road in a timely manner. Additionally, trucking companies must make sure that their staff members are current with all DOT requirements to avoid fines and ensure the safe operation of their fleets. Tracking these issues can be time consuming and difficult to achieve on a consistent basis.

Many companies also require a CDL before even considering a candidate for a new position, so individuals desiring those jobs must make sure they have completed a DOT physical before their application is fully reviewed.

Partners in Safety assists both individuals seeking a job that requires a CDL and the DOT physical, as well as companies hiring for these positions. For more than 20, years we have delivered DOT physicalsand an astute medical team to help meet all federally mandated requirements.

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