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Onsite Health Clinics

Provide for better employee outcomes and boost overall company performance with a Partners in Safety worksite clinic. We provide first-aid treatment that can reduce visits to the emergency room or urgent care. The convenient access to healthcare for your employees allows them to receive immediate medical attention for their illnesses and injuries without leaving the workplace. We recognize the importance of OSHA recordable injuries and help to make sure that minor incidents are categorized appropriately.

Being onsite also helps our medical providers become familiar with your environment and policies, as well as enables us to work alongside your HR, safety, operations, benefits, and claims staff. Working together as a team, we can better meet your needs. Our workplace access also helps foster relationships with your workforce as a trusted educator and healthcare provider.

Call us today to learn more about how our worksite clinics can improve the efficiency of your business.

Scope of Clinic Services

We offer a broad range of health services in addition to traditional first aid, including:

OSHA Respiratory Clearance
Pulmonary Function Testing
Fit Testing
Lead Monitoring and Medical Surveillance
Silica Physicals
Drug Testing
CPR and First Aid Training

Experienced, Professional Staff

The scope of our healthcare services, and the professionals who provide them, are determined by each client’s individual needs. Our clinic models can include nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or EMT’s. All of our staff are trained in Partners In Safety’s standards, operating procedures, and software. They receive direction and support from a Board-Certified Physician to ensure positive outcomes for you and your employees.

Flexible Clinic Schedules

We provide the care when you need it. Our onsite clinic hours are tailored to your schedule. They can range from a single shift to 24/7 coverage.