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Managers and supervisors represent the first line of defense for ensuring that employees follow safety practices and that the working environment remains hazard free. However, enabling them to do their best work—and to deal fairly with employees—first requires the right training, knowledge and skills.

Nowhere is this more true than in situations involving the supervision of drivers. In these cases, supervisors are required to demonstrate compliance with all training requirements, including specific training on alcohol and controlled substance misuse and how to handle these challenges should they arise.

Training in these specific areas goes a long way in helping supervisors perform better and with greater confidence, particularly if they have to require an employee to undergo drug testing. Better training helps them follow the correct process of observing the warning signs of substance abuse and adequately documenting behavior. It also helps them take the correct steps to make a determination of reasonable suspicion. Likewise, it may help them employ effective strategies for approaching employees with this information.

Partners in Safety is an experienced provider that assists your supervisors with acquiring the expertise and knowledge they need through reasonable suspicion training and other helpful programs. We help ensure that your supervisors comply with all state and federal regulations and requirements, and that they gain the know-how to make the right calls related to the employees under their management.

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